Nov 30
  • you have a World Champion each in »classic«, rapid and blitz chess, but the title in classic chess will be finally decided in rapid or blitz games
  • when at the day of the ultimate decision people discuss the regulations rather than the possible winner
  • when the organizers of the World Chess Championship put a free day at each of the three weekends
  • when the 12th and last classic game finishes after 35 minutes with the reigning World Champion having five minutes more on his clock than at the beginning of the game
  • when organizers try to reinvent the wheel (web portal), making their paying customers to alpha and beta testers
  • when the official web portal doesn’t work during the first game [link]
  • when additional apps provided be the organizers for watching the event on mobile devices don’t work at all [link]
  • when the »expert« chat at the official portal of the World Chess Championship could have been done by an amateur chess player
  • when only a low 5-digit number (if it is 5-digit at all) watches the pay per view content of the World Championship at the official portal (Update: 8.2k at the beginning of the tiebreak).
  • when the current Fide president can’t show up at the World Chess Championship because he is not allowed to legally enter the USA  [link]


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